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Special protective coatings are always applied on pipelines tubes, except for the jointing area which is coated with the protective material once the joint has been welded.

The most commonly used protective materials are:

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

  • 3 Layer PE and PP Systems

  • Heat Shrink Sleeves

  • Injection Moulded PU

  • Injection Moulded PP

  • PU Foam Infill

Induction Heating is the best method to preheat the surface of the area to be treated as it prevents pipe oxidation and allows the insulating material to adhere well and quickly without affecting the adjacent areas.
Our HM series openable Coils with variable turns are used for this application and are often designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.  They are natural air-cooled and they can even be placed at a distance from their power generator.

Parmaprogetti supplies complete offshore systems, both for shallow water S-Lay (horizontal installation) and for deep-water J-Lay (vertical installation) projects, as well as complete onshore systems including tracked or wheeled means of transport.

induction heating coating Parmaprogetti 10
induction heating coating Parmaprogetti 11
induction heating coating Parmaprogetti 12
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