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Induction Heating Generators


Delta50 induction heating Parmaprogetti generator

This inverter generator embodies the best of our 40-year experience in the induction heating field for pipelines. This very same expertise has since been applied to all of Parmaprogetti’s generator series.
Delta50 is the smallest generator available on the market in terms of size and power supplied: power can be adjusted to a maximum of 70 kW depending on the customer’s need. Delta50 is the only generator that can operate connected in clusters, thereby multiplying the power available. Easy to use with simple push start and stop buttons, it has different levels of programming, which make it suitable for all pipeline applications. Supplied by three-phase voltage, this generator operates exclusively with power-factor 1, even during the heating phase, thus preventing magnetic loss in the output cables and allowing for runs of more than 100 m to be set up. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Delta50 is unrivalled in offshore applications, where it is often used together with a twin generator, which is always available in the event that a dual power supply is required or a ready-to-use spare generator is needed for maintenance purposes. Delta50 is effective when employed in onshore applications too, as it is easy to transport and can be supplied by a small genset or with other set-ups.

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