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Our History

Parmaprogetti Srl was founded in 1989 after over a decade-long experience in the business since the establishment of the company under the name Delta Snc in 1976.

From the outset, we focused our attention on the world of pipelines and post welding heat-treatments, launching ourselves onto the international market with the first static generator for PWHT with independent programmable automatic cycles.

The following year, in 1977, the company produced static generators for both resistance heating and induction heating using SCR technology, launching the successful Delta generators series, which has since become a benchmark for high technology and innovation in the pipeline field and is now world-renowned.

In 1989 we successfully produced several motor driven generators (diesel engine) connected with a fixed single-phase frequency alternator and with power factor correction capacitor banks. Reproduced by our competitors, these generators have now been replaced by the new Giano series, which demonstrates remarkably higher performance as a result of inverter technology.

In 1989 our engineers had already produced the first inverter with IGBT technology for pipe induction heating. This technology was then progressively developed and perfected up until 2004, when the renowned static generator Delta50 was first produced: Delta50 is the only generator in the world that can be used in clusters, thus multiplying the power available and always with cosfi 1 so as to avoid magnetic losses and overheating. Thanks to this unique characteristic and extreme compactness and high performance, Delta50 is the most widely used generator in the offshore field today.

All high-power generators that are currently produced by Parmaprogetti have the same high performance, whether they are three-phase line-powered or self-supplied with a built-in diesel genset.

Today, Parmaprogetti is capable of meeting all the needs of the pipeline sector and stands apart for its customisable products and services.

We have collaborated on the most important onshore and offshore projects with our induction preheating systems.
Through the use of cutting-edge materials, we have developed closed, flexible, manually openable and automatic inductors (Coils) which in turn have been reproduced all over the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience and highly specialised products and services exclusively dedicated to the pipeline field, we also develop and produce other special projects, including internal and external automatic orbital welding systems with 3D bevel measurement, controlled rail heating, Plasma PTA welding automation and automatic boiler panel welding preheating.

Each system is designed, produced, certified and guaranteed by Parmaprogetti.

Our engineers are always on hand to provide assistance and support to customers at every step of the project, no matter where they are in the world.



induction heating set Parmapogetti 111
induction heating set Parmapogetti 12
induction heating set Parmapogetti 12
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