All Parmaprogetti’s inverter static generators from the Delta series are powered with three-phase voltage which can be supplied by:


  1. a three-phase network

  2. a genset

  3. a three-phase alternator connected to the PTO (Power Take Off)

    The three-phase power supplied must be sufficient for the performance required. Standard voltage is 380-440 Volts 50-60Hz, others are available on request.

  4. All Parmaprogetti’s inverter generators from the Giano series are self-powered and are equipped with a static inverter and a genset. They have one single-phase output for induction heating and one three-phase output for other service power lines (welding machines, grinders etc.)


The induction heating output cables need to be installed away from ferromagnetic parts, in line with the precise instructions provided by Parmaprogetti.


See pictures for some example applications.


Parmaprogetti supplies complete turnkey solutions.

1 - Powered by three-phase network
2 - Powered by genset
3 - Powered by PTO
4 - Self-supplied

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