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We build turn-key solutions

Parmaprogetti designs and manufactures induction heating generators and accessories for welding and joint coating pre-heating, heat treatment (PWHT) and coating applications. Our extensive experience and know-how are completely at the service of the customer and are constantly applied in researching and developing high-tech equipment to meet all the needs of the Oil & Gas sector.


Our inverter static generators series Delta and self-powered generator Giano can meet the operational requirements of both onshore and offshore fields. Thanks to Parmaprogetti’s exclusive software they are adaptable to any working conditions, giving the same high-performance and efficiency through fast, reliable and automatically controlled heating cycles. In addition, our traditional resistance heating generators Delta3R are conceived to heat specific metal parts with shapes that are difficult to transport or handle.

Induction heating generator Delta50
Induction heating generator Delta50

This inverter generator embodies the best of our 40-year experience in the induction heating field for pipelines. This very same expertise has since been applied to all of Parmaprogetti’s generator series.
Delta50 is the smallest generator available on the market in terms of size and power supplied: power can be adjusted to a maximum of 70 kW depending on the customer’s need. Delta50 is the only generator that can operate connected in clusters, thereby multiplying the power available. Easy to use with simple push start and stop buttons, it has different levels of programming, which make it suitable for all pipeline applications. Supplied by three-phase voltage, this generator operates exclusively with power-factor 1, even during the heating phase, thus preventing magnetic loss in the output cables and allowing for runs of more than 100 m to be set up. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Delta50 is unrivalled in offshoreapplications, where it is often used together with a twin generator, which is always available in the event that a dual power supply is required or a ready-to-use spare generator is needed for maintenance purposes. Delta50 is effective when employed in onshore applications too, as it is easy to transport and can be supplied by a small genset or with other set-ups.

Induction heating generator Delta350
Induction heating generator Delta350

The Delta350 inverter generator combines high power and small dimensions and is very easy to use thanks to Parmaprogetti’s exclusive software for induction heating. Power can be adjusted from the maximum to the minimum value depending on the three-phase power supply available.

Just as high-performing as all of our induction heating generators, Delta350 is mostly used when the period of time required for heating is very short or when a metal mass needs to be heated to a very high temperature. This makes it the best solution for a coating plant, as it does not cause dephasing or interfere with the mains power supply and no additional cooling circuits are needed.

Induction heating generator Giano200
Induction heating generator Giano200

Giano200 is the only self-supplied generator on the market with the dual function of supplying both single-phase voltage with variable frequency for induction heating and, at the same time, three-phase voltage for powering welding machines and other accessories.

Thanks to the built-in inverter and to the same advanced technology used in all Parmaprogetti’s static generators, Giano200 is able to transfer up to 200 kW during the pipe-heating process. The power produced is enough to achieve the best performance levels in all preheating and coating applications in the onshore sector.

Parmaprogetti guarantees full customer support. Spare parts and set-ups can be provided on request.

Induction heating generator special supply


On request, Parmaprogetti can design and provide inverter generators with higher power than standard models: we have already manufactured 500KW and 1-megawatt generators.

Induction heating generator harmonic filter
Induction heating generator harmonic filter

The system, through a three-phase filter with a maximum power of 350kW, automatically minimizes the harmonic distortion of the power supply. It is located between the three-phase source (usually a generator set) and our variable frequency inverter generator, which powers the induction heating coil. THD350 can to control loads variable in frequency and power, thanks to an original Parmaprogetti software installed.


Through the use of cutting-edge nonmagnetic materials and advanced engineering, we developed closed, flexible, manually openable and automatic inductors (Coils) for welding pre-heating, joint coating pre-heating and for heat treatment (PWHT). Each of our inductor is unique: specifically designed, manufactured and tested according to the specifications requested by each customer.

All our coils operate exclusively with our induction heating generators. They may be produced with automatic handling systems and with opening/closing systems on request.

Openable for Welding Preheating

  • external HW series 

  • external HMS series

  • external M series 

  • external PAD series 


Fixed for Welding Preheating

  • external FE series 

  • internal F series 


Openable for Joint Coating Preheating

  • external HM series


For Heat Treatment (PWHT)

  • openable external HT series 

  • external MT series

Inductor coils


Our R&D department has always been working on new products and it has always been ready to answer to any need of our customers: how to demagnetize the pipe during the welding process; designing and producing a special industrial oven able to heat large iron pieces up to 700 C°; studying for our major client, Saipem, a customized three-phase filter which minimizes the harmonic distortion of the power supply, which helped them complying with the highest safety standards required onboard their vessels.

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