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Induction Heating 

The process of heating pipes and metal objects by induced magnetic fields (induction heating) is widely used as it is much more versatile than other traditional heating methods.
Induction heating allows the transfer... 

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Resistance Heating

This is the traditional process of heating a metal workpiece which is wrapped with appropriately insulated resistance heaters and can be used both in a furnace and on site. This is the most suitable method to heat workpieces that...

heat treatment Parmaprogetti resistamnce
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Applications for Pipelines
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Before beginning any welding operation, the bevel of the pipe must be preheated to a temperature of at...

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Special protective coatings are always applied on pipelines tubes, except for the jointing area which...

PWHT heat treatment Parmaprogetti

Heat Treatment

All the welded parts that are subjected to high pressure whilst in operation require...

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Coating Plant


Different processing techniques are used in coating plants to apply on pipes various types of heat shrink...

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